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Anti-anti fluoridation

Yesterday I saw some anti fluoridation people handing out stuff in Waterford city. I did not get a leaflet or did not speak to them, though I did get a good look at some of their posters, but I am sad to say that the ques of people they were talking to seemed to be unquestioningly lapping up the misinformation being fed to them.

Ok, let’s start, one of the first posters I saw was one claiming that 98% of Europe does not fluoridate it’s water because fluoride cause cancer. While it is true that a lot of European countries do not fluoridate their water, the main reason for this is the considerable objection some people have to water fluoridation. So the claim that Europe rejects fluoride because of cancer risk is not true, if they said that a lot of Europe rejects water fluoridation because of an unfounded fear of cancer, then they would hit the nail on the head.
The next poster I remember just said fluoride is poison. I have only one word for that……. DOSAGE!!!! How often does it need to be said that dosage is so important?

The next was a map of Ireland comparing cancer rates in northern Ireland with the republic of Ireland. It looked all sciencey and stuff, probably because they did not make that map. They took it from somewhere else and decided to draw their own conclusion. The NCRI has an article on it here, they explain it better than I could.

So that is all I can remember for the moment, let me know if I should have went into more detail, but I feel these arguments have been dealt with so many times that there is nothing new for me to bring. I only wanted to give a quick debunk of the claims made yesterday because I feel that they will be back. They got a lot of positive attention yesterday, which was upsetting for two main reasons 1) the Wintervile festival is on in Waterford so there are a lot of people being bombarded with misinformation. 2) a while ago there was a guy handing out the same stuff and people made it obvious they weren’t buying what he was selling. So I feel it is a step backwards for Waterford.

Oh what a night!

I want to start by thanking Geoff, “thanks Geoff”, for taking the time to come down. I also want to thank everyone who turned up, “thanks everyone who turned up”. It was a really good night, Geoffs talk was very interesting and some of the stories other people told us were very good. I hope everyone who came had a good night and I hope to see you all again in the future. Here is a pic of the people who came


Again, thanks to everyone who came, especially Geoff.

Directions to the Munster bar entrance.

Alright ladies and gents here are simple directions to the entrance you need to use next Wednesday. The front door may be closed on the day, here is a picture if you are not familiar


, if you find your self outside here go right, towards the river, and take the first left at Bailey’s new street


. It may not look pretty but there is a building getting some work done. Go down Bailey’s new street and you will see the entrance to the Munster bar


. When you go in our room will be the first set of doors infront of you. Hope to see you there.

Geoff’s adventures with street preachers

On the 28th of November, last Wednesday of this month, Geoff of Geoff’s shorts will be giving a talk on street preachers, he has given a version of this talk for atheist Ireland. The talk will be in the Munster bar at 7.30 (19.30) on Wednesday the 28th of November. Check the event page on our Facebook page for directions. I am very excited about this and hope to see a lot of you there. Closer to the date I will give specific directions about where is the Munster bar, which entrance to use, and which room we will be using. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on Twitter @waterfordSITP on Facebook or email me at

November is here.

So you may have noticed that November is here, and you are all probably very excited to come together for a Waterford SITP meeting. Well good news, there will be one. I haven’t managed to get a speaker, so I will give a talk on my favorite conspiracy theories, myths, illusions and tricks of the mind. I promise it will be as interesting as I can make it. I am not a natural showman, but I will pretend to be one for the night. That night will hopefully be Wednesday 28th November.
I will confirm a venue soon (I hope). So watch this space for updates.

I have not been as active with the blog as I would like to be, I have been busy with the real world, but things are calming down, or I am managing my time better, so I will blog about skeptical stuff and give my opinion on different topics.
If anyone has a venue they could recommend, please tweet me @waterfordsitp or comment here, and if you don’t like my talk topic let me know and I will come up with something else.

Just a little update.

This post is just a little update to show that I have not forgotten about or given up on this group.
I have started a course, I was accepted late so I am behind everyone else and trying to catch up, that and a few other private things are my reasons for why I am a bit busy this month. I will definitely organise something for November, I have a few ideas about who to contact to see if they would be interested in talking to us, if I can’t find anyone to talk to us I have an idea for a talk which I think would be interesting and fun.
In other news the fantastic Skeprechauns mentioned Waterford SITP and Letterkenny SITP in their latest podcast, thanks Finn and Rebecca, you guys are da bestest ever 🙂
I look forward to catching up with my course work and writing some more blog post, it should not take too long, I hope, but until next time, stay skeptical.


Due to unexpected and unfortunate circumstances I won’t be able to organize anything for October, I am sorry, but if anyone else wants to organize something, go ahead. I will focus on trying to get something sorted for November, even if it means giving a talk myself.
Again, I am sorry about this month, but personal stuff has just gotten in the way.