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I had a revelation.

April 1, 2013

Things have been hard for me for a while, especially the last few days, and a lot of strange things have been happening that couldn’t just be coincidence. But last night, wow, something special happened. I was in bed, not sleeping, this wasn’t a dream, and it happened. I can’t explain it, I just knew there was something greater out there and it was with me, I don’t know if it was god but it was definitely a higher power of some kind. It came to me, it shared knowledge with me, most I can’t repeat because our language is too limited, it told me I had gifts, that I have been ignoring for too long, and I need to share these gifts with the world. I can heal people with my hands by channeling this higher power and I can communicate with not only the dead, but those spirits waiting to be born. They have much knowledge of future and past because for them time is not linear, I have know I had this gift for some time but always dismissed it as coincidence or a confirmation bias, but after my visit from this higher power, who asks to be called Samhlaíocht, I know this to be true. So from now on we will still be having Waterford SITP, but SITP now stands for ‘Spiritualists in the Pub’, people can come and listen to me channel the messages of Samhlaíocht. I will also do healings and divination, skeptics are not welcome because their negative energy will slow down the healing. Only people who believe are welcome.
I hope to meet all of the spiritually enlightened soon, and remember to keep your mind open because there is more to like than ‘evidence’.

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  1. Conor permalink

    Thanks for the update (sorry I took so long to reply) hope your health improves soon.

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