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One more thing.

December 2, 2012

Just one more thing on fluoridated water. If it did cause cancer, you would expect that there would be a clear division in cancer rates between countries that have fluoride in their water and those that don’t. And… Oh wait…. Ireland has the second highest rate of cancer…. Oh dear, that must mean that fluoride causes cancer. But wait, let’s take a look at the country with the highest rate of cancer. Denmark, they must have fluoridated water, right? No they don’t. Denmark does not put fluoride in their water supply and it has a higher rate of cancer than Ireland. This can be taken two ways, 1) fluoride in the water supply has no effect or 2) the NWO is secretly putting fluoride in all water supplies, so these anti fluoride protests are pointless because they will put fluoride in your water and tell you it is fluoride free. 

The list of highest cancer rates has countries that do and do not have fluoridated water, almost like it makes no difference. Actually if you look at all the European counties in the top ten highest cancer rates list, Ireland is the only one with fluoride in the water. Denmark, Belgium, France, Norway, and Czech Republic do not have fluoride put in their water supply and are all in the top ten with Ireland. Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, and Canada are the other countries in the top ten and parts of those countries do put fluoride in their water, so let’s be generous and say that they all implement country wide water fluoridation for all of their populations. So that will split the list 50/50, five countries have fluoride in their water, if we are being generous, and five don’t. Almost like there is no difference, unless the NWO with the help of the lizard people in conjunction with the knights Templars secretly add fluoride to everyone’s water.

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