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Anti-anti fluoridation

December 2, 2012

Yesterday I saw some anti fluoridation people handing out stuff in Waterford city. I did not get a leaflet or did not speak to them, though I did get a good look at some of their posters, but I am sad to say that the ques of people they were talking to seemed to be unquestioningly lapping up the misinformation being fed to them.

Ok, let’s start, one of the first posters I saw was one claiming that 98% of Europe does not fluoridate it’s water because fluoride cause cancer. While it is true that a lot of European countries do not fluoridate their water, the main reason for this is the considerable objection some people have to water fluoridation. So the claim that Europe rejects fluoride because of cancer risk is not true, if they said that a lot of Europe rejects water fluoridation because of an unfounded fear of cancer, then they would hit the nail on the head.
The next poster I remember just said fluoride is poison. I have only one word for that……. DOSAGE!!!! How often does it need to be said that dosage is so important?

The next was a map of Ireland comparing cancer rates in northern Ireland with the republic of Ireland. It looked all sciencey and stuff, probably because they did not make that map. They took it from somewhere else and decided to draw their own conclusion. The NCRI has an article on it here, they explain it better than I could.

So that is all I can remember for the moment, let me know if I should have went into more detail, but I feel these arguments have been dealt with so many times that there is nothing new for me to bring. I only wanted to give a quick debunk of the claims made yesterday because I feel that they will be back. They got a lot of positive attention yesterday, which was upsetting for two main reasons 1) the Wintervile festival is on in Waterford so there are a lot of people being bombarded with misinformation. 2) a while ago there was a guy handing out the same stuff and people made it obvious they weren’t buying what he was selling. So I feel it is a step backwards for Waterford.

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