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Why I regret trying.

September 28, 2012

I am not having a sulk because no one showed Wednesday, although I do keep mentioning it, so I just want that to be clear.
I regret trying to start Waterford skeptics in the pub for a couple of reasons. The main reason I regret it is, I no longer see a point to the skeptical community. What does it do? It plays the bad person, it crushes peoples dreams, it constantly gets portrayed as the closed minded arrogant asshole and we have to listen to the insane ramblings about how shaking a bottle creates micro bubbles that remember duck liver because the quantum, the nano, and the hydrogen bomb. Sure, I see the harm in pseudo science, like homeopathy, but that is where medical professionals come in and if people have a distrust of medicine or doctors, then we won’t change their minds. If anything we probably make things worse, when you question a moderate believer, they become more extreme. They don’t care about facts, they want their comfortable lie, and, I don’t know who said this first but, “you can not reason someone out of a position they did not reason themselves into”.
If someone gets con’d into buying a placebo power balance band, they won’t listen to your suggestion of bringing it back for a refund, because they have become invested in it and the idea of it. Sure they are being ripped off, but if they want to waste their money or won’t use their heads before buying an expensive piece of rubber, then why should we help? That is the job of consumer regulators.
Another reason I regret trying to set up a SITP or tried to be, in any small way, part of the skeptical community; because it is pointless. Every conversation that needed to be conversed has been conversed, every blog that needed to be blogged has been blogged. How many more blogs, books, or anything can be written, spoken, or acted out through interpretive dance without just repeating the same stuff over and over again. Think about how many times have we all had to repeat the same arguments against, creationism, alt med, conspiracy theories. We won’t change anyone’s mind, think how long has Randi been doing his stuff on homeopathy and psychics? And there are still people out their not listening and criticising him because he is human and capable of making mistakes, rather than refuting his claims. Although I have enjoyed watching YouTube videos of Randi giving lectures and I have really enjoyed listening to podcasts, especially The Skeprechauns podcast, I just can’t see a point anymore.
It was rammed into me fairly abruptly, that my ideas have been thought and by more experienced people, so my ideas are pointless.

I will continue to try get this ball rolling, some people do seem interested and I feel responsible for this because no one asked or made me do this. So I will try attract more people and I will try get some speakers together for future meetings.

Now, if that is not the most self pitying thing thing you read today,then you are reading some very sad blogs.
Hopefully I am just going through a phase or being irrational and I will get over myself in a few days or weeks and I hope that soon I will regret writing this.

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