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So, why did I bother?

September 27, 2012

I am going to explain, in this very poorly written post, why I wanted to set up Waterford skeptics in the pub. Well, to start I had no interest in setting it up, I was hoping someone else had or would, but, when I started asking around, I found that there was nothing like it in Waterford and some people thought it would be a good idea to start one. To go back a little further, the moment that made me want to join a local skeptics group was when I saw posters promoting a creationist event, in Waterford, I felt physically sick. I know there are creationists in Waterford, because I occasionally get their junk mail, but the idea of them inviting a speaker to promote creationism, and mis-inform people about evolution, just got to me.
It was the last straw, Waterford looks to be awash with pseudo science, conspiracy theorists, and wannabe mystics, it seems that critical thinking is a a dying art here in the sunny southeast. Just a few examples to demonstrate my point; the health section in the local paper is written by a homeopath, who always recommends the same treatment; consultation with her and some crystals, the host of the most popular radio stations in Waterford within the space of one hour said; (I am paraphrasing because I don’t remember his exact words )”I don’t believe mankind could ever make it to the moon” & “I strongly believe in ghosts and haunted houses, because there has to be more than this”, and while I was sitting in the pub on Wednesday night I over heard someone say “the zombie apocalypse is obviously some side effect of all the untested meds big pharma is pushing down our throats, and the doctors will turn a blind eye as long as big pharma keeps their pockets full” and I won’t even try write about their interpretation of the new testiment. I understand Waterford is not unique, the same stuff probably happens all over the county, the problem is, Waterford is small and ideas, especially bad ideas, spread very fast. So maybe some critical thinking would not be a bad thing to encourage.
When I first started to get stuff together to try get some attention for Waterford SITP, I was very motivated, I now know that motivation was not enough and I made a mess of it, but it is still too early to just give up on it entirely. I plan to try get a speaker for the next meeting, hopefully that will get more attention and get more people interested.
If this blog was not self pitying or badly written enough, wait till you see the terribly written one I will post later about why I regret even trying to start Waterford sitp.

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  1. David James permalink

    I believe passionately that local skeptical groups, under whatever name you want to give them are a good thing. More over, that they have the ability to accomplish good or great things.
    What you view as a failure, I view as a success. Well the beginnings of success. That you were driven to stand up and say “no more” and start to make positive steps toward making a difference in your local community, is a testament too you.
    The skeptical community at large can’t get people to join you, but you’ll find that if you ask, a lot of people will go out of their way to help where they can.
    If nothing else, you have reminded me why I wanted to start a local SitP. Your efforts have reminded me that sitting on my arse worrying about people not turning up is a bullshit excuse and I must do more than sit on twitter, read research papers and argue with useless little homeopaths. I have a baby daughter that I don’t want growing up in a world where she thinks psychics are real and the wonders of the Universe are just something you shrug you shoulders at.
    You Sir, are what makes the skeptical community a good thing, don’t give up.

    • I have a kid also and I don’t want him to shrug his shoulders at the wonders of the universe, I do hope to show him how to think critically. But I just can’t see a point in the skeptical community anymore. All the info is out there but the true believers don’t care and we can’t bring anything new.

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