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First night

September 27, 2012

Long story short, no one showed up. I know some people wanted to come but couldn’t because of various reasons, so I am not disappointed or bitter about it.
During my time alone, I tried to be productive, by researching about Loftus Hall, but it was made fairly obvious to me that would be pointless. I wanted to tell the ghost story and then the real history, to debunk the ghost story, but all the info is out there already and I can’t bring anything new. I have no preconceived ideas that I will become some popular Irish skeptic, I don’t want to be a popular Irish skeptic, I just want to hang out with some like minded people and have a good time, but I thought I could write something interesting to get more attention for Waterford SITP.
If anything happens locally I will try put a skeptical spin on it, because everything else has been covered and I would be wasting my time and effort writing and researching about it. So if anyone has any local stories, that have not been done before, let me know.
Anyway, keep an eye out ,on our Twitter or Facebook page, to see when the next meeting will be, I am going to look into getting a speaker, so if anyone is interested in speaking or have an ideas about who would be good let me know.

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