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A little explanation

Hi all, I feel I owe people a bit of an explanation for abruptly stopping Waterford sitp.
In short, I have had some health problems (damn you big pharma I wanted to get on your pay role not on your customers list) and I decided to be selfish and look after myself. I also can’t drink due to said health issues and I don’t find pubs as fun when I am not drinking. I know a better and stronger person would have just kept Waterford sitp running, but I am not that person.
Anyway, I want to thank all the people who helped me when I was trying to start up Waterford sitp, I want to thank Geoff for coming down and giving our first and only talk, and I especially want to thank all the people who took time out of their lives to attend any of the Waterford sitp meetings.
Maybe in the future I will give it another go, but till then bye bye and remember to be skeptical 😀

I had a revelation.

Things have been hard for me for a while, especially the last few days, and a lot of strange things have been happening that couldn’t just be coincidence. But last night, wow, something special happened. I was in bed, not sleeping, this wasn’t a dream, and it happened. I can’t explain it, I just knew there was something greater out there and it was with me, I don’t know if it was god but it was definitely a higher power of some kind. It came to me, it shared knowledge with me, most I can’t repeat because our language is too limited, it told me I had gifts, that I have been ignoring for too long, and I need to share these gifts with the world. I can heal people with my hands by channeling this higher power and I can communicate with not only the dead, but those spirits waiting to be born. They have much knowledge of future and past because for them time is not linear, I have know I had this gift for some time but always dismissed it as coincidence or a confirmation bias, but after my visit from this higher power, who asks to be called Samhlaíocht, I know this to be true. So from now on we will still be having Waterford SITP, but SITP now stands for ‘Spiritualists in the Pub’, people can come and listen to me channel the messages of Samhlaíocht. I will also do healings and divination, skeptics are not welcome because their negative energy will slow down the healing. Only people who believe are welcome.
I hope to meet all of the spiritually enlightened soon, and remember to keep your mind open because there is more to like than ‘evidence’.

I have a cunning plan

Earlier today I had a brief Google+ hang out, during this I noticed I could record this hang out. So a lightning bolt hit me, 10 minute interviews which could be later up loaded to YouTube. So I would love to interview Irish and UK skeptics about: skepticism, why they are skeptics, and other such things. I really think this could be fun and I am not just looking for popular skeptics, although I do hope a few popular and well know skeptics volunteer, I want to hear the stories of skeptics from all popularity levels and different walks of life. I hope to have this going in the next few weeks and depending on how many people volunteer I will try make it a regular thing.
I will practice recording hang outs over the next week or so, to see what kind of technical thingys may come up, but after that I hope to go full steam ahead. I am excited about this, I genuinely think this will be fun and interesting. Please feel free to volunteer, whether you have identified as a skeptic for decades or you have only recently become interested in skepticism. The more views, opinions and voices the better.

*Caution* I have no video editing skills, so videos will be uploaded unedited or poorly edited. This is not a threat, this is me admitting to having a cheap laptop and crap software. But please volunteer because I have no intention of painting anyone in a bad light. I just want the views, the opinions, and the faces of the people in the skeptical community.

Raising a glass (or two) to Derren Brown.

Waterford SITP meets the last Wednesday of each month and the last Wednesday of this month just so happens be the 27th of February and on the 27th of February in 1971 Derren Brown was born, so to celebrate that wondrous day (where legend tells that miraculous flocks of parrots surrounded the hospital to acknowledge the birth of Derren) we shall raise a glass (or two) to Derren.
There won’t be a talk, just a group of people talking about how cool Derren Brown is. Because there won’t be a talk I am open to suggestions about where to go, so hitting me with your suggestions in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

Getting ahead of myself.

It is not even January and I still have not finished a potential script for the talk I plan on giving in January, why the plural of anecdote is not data, and I find myself making plans for February. Alright here is my plan, the last Wednesday of February 2013 just so happens to be February 27th and February 27th just so happens to be Derren Browns birthday, so I was thinking of having a discussion about him and his works or me giving a talk about Derren. We can also raise a glass or two to Derren. Derren was, and still is, one of my heroes in the skeptical community so I will have no problems waffling on about him at length. Reading His book ‘ Tricks of the Mind’ was a huge turning point for me, so I would like to pay a little homage to Derren on his birthday. I of course will send him a tweet inviting him, after all it is his big day 🙂
Let me know what you think of this idea, if no one is interested then I will sort something else out. But I think it could be “an evening of wonders” 😉
Edit, here is a pic of me with Derren because we are best mates ever and we play this game where he pretends not to know me and I get him to sign stuff after his show like regular fans


With Christmas around the corner, and people busy with shopping and nights out, there won’t be a Waterford skeptics in the pub this month 😥 but don’t be too sad because there should be one in January 🙂 . I am looking for volunteers to talk next year, so if you are interested in giving a talk or even have any ideas for stuff you want to hear someone talk about please contact me (Gavin) at Anyway, for the meeting in January the plan is, because I have no one else lined up to talk, I will give a talk based on an article I wrote for Myles Power’s website, it is called why the plural of anecdote is not data. I will try expand more on what I wrote and I will try my best to make it interesting. I hope you all have a very merry and skeptical Christmas.

One more thing.

Just one more thing on fluoridated water. If it did cause cancer, you would expect that there would be a clear division in cancer rates between countries that have fluoride in their water and those that don’t. And… Oh wait…. Ireland has the second highest rate of cancer…. Oh dear, that must mean that fluoride causes cancer. But wait, let’s take a look at the country with the highest rate of cancer. Denmark, they must have fluoridated water, right? No they don’t. Denmark does not put fluoride in their water supply and it has a higher rate of cancer than Ireland. This can be taken two ways, 1) fluoride in the water supply has no effect or 2) the NWO is secretly putting fluoride in all water supplies, so these anti fluoride protests are pointless because they will put fluoride in your water and tell you it is fluoride free. 

The list of highest cancer rates has countries that do and do not have fluoridated water, almost like it makes no difference. Actually if you look at all the European counties in the top ten highest cancer rates list, Ireland is the only one with fluoride in the water. Denmark, Belgium, France, Norway, and Czech Republic do not have fluoride put in their water supply and are all in the top ten with Ireland. Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, and Canada are the other countries in the top ten and parts of those countries do put fluoride in their water, so let’s be generous and say that they all implement country wide water fluoridation for all of their populations. So that will split the list 50/50, five countries have fluoride in their water, if we are being generous, and five don’t. Almost like there is no difference, unless the NWO with the help of the lizard people in conjunction with the knights Templars secretly add fluoride to everyone’s water.